The American Legacy in Japan, conferenza internazionale a Venezia (3-4 maggio)


conferenza_american_legacy_in_japanGiovedì 3 e venerdì 4 maggio a Venezia, presso l'Auditorium Santa Margherita dell'Università Cà Foscari, in via Dorsoduro 3689, si terrà una conferenza internazionale sull'influenza statunitense in Giappone dall'occupazione nel dopoguerra a oggi. L'incontro, organizzato dalla School of International Relations in collaborazione con  Ca’ Foscari Cinema e il Department of Linguistic and Comparative Cultural Studies, con il patrocinio dell'ambasciata giapponese a Roma e dell'Istituto Giapponese di Cultura, ha come titolo 1952-2012: The American Legacy in Japan Sixty Year After the Occupation. Di seguito il programma completo degli interventi:


1952-2012: The American Legacy in Japan sixty years after the Occupation

3 May (Thursday)

10.30-13.00: Special Screening: Sayonara (1957) directed by Joshua Logan

14.00-14.30: Opening Ceremony

14.30-15.50: Occupation, Occupations
Chair: Marcello FLORES (University of Siena)
Akira IRIYE (Harvard University) “The U.S. Occupation of Japan: A Transnational Perspective”
George BLAUSTEIN (Amsterdam University) “Redeemer Nation/Remedy Nation: American Studies and Military Occupation”
Ilaria POGGIOLINI (University of Pavia) "The Price of Defeat and Occupation: Italy and Japan"

15.50-16.20: Coffee break

16.20-17.40: Exporting Democracy: A Comparative Perspective
Chair: Glenn D. HOOK (The University of Sheffield)
Franco MAZZEI (University of Naples “L’Orientale”) “Japan’s Post-war Democratization: Endogenous and Exogenous Factors”
Giovanni BERNARDINI (Italian German Historical Institute- FBK) "Occupation, Americanization, Westernization: Lessons from the German Case?"
Federico ROMERO (European University Institute) "Neoconservative Fantasies and the Japanese Analogy"

17:40-19.00: America’s Echoes in Japan, Japan’s Echoes in America
Chair: Giorgio AMITRANO (University of Naples “L’Orientale”) “
Roberta NOVIELLI (Ca’ Foscari University) “In the Realm of Signs: Hybridism in Japanese Everyday Life"
Federica CARLOTTO (Ca’ Foscari University) “Towards the Emergence of Mass Fashion in Post-war Japan: Assessing the Nature and theExtent of the American influence”
Alide CAGIDEMETRIO (Ca’ Foscari University) “Love among the Ruins: American Fictions of Occupied Japan in the 1950s”

4 May (Friday)

9.30-10.50: The Early Decades of Post-war Japan
Chair: Ronald DORE (London School of Economics)
Kyoko HIRANO (Temple University Japan Campus) “The Emperor and Kissing: The US Occupation Censorship on Japanese Cinema”
Michael MOLASKY (Hitotsubashi University) “Tale of Two Cities: The Occupation's Legacy in Tokyo's Western Suburbs”
Giorgio AMITRANO (University of Naples “L’Orientale”) “Glimpses of Unfamiliar America: The Occupation's Legacy in Japanese Literature”

10.50-11.10: Coffee break

11.10-12.30: Security and Geopolitics in Asia and the Pacific
Chair: Franco MAZZEI (University of Naples “L’Orientale”)
Ronald DORE (London School of Economics) “The Occupation Institutionalized and Getting Ready for Imperial Consolidation: Japan 1950-51”
Glenn D. HOOK (The University of Sheffield) “Counting Decades, Counting Costs: America’s Military Legacy in Okinawa”
Noemi LANNA (University of Naples “L’Orientale”) “Reconciling Asianism with Bilateralism: Japan and the East Asia Summit”

14.00-15.20: Japan's Path of Economic Development
Chair: Federico ROMERO (European University Institute)
Carlo CARRARO (Ca’ Foscari University) “The Sustainability of Japan's Economic Development”
Carlo FILIPPINI (Bocconi University) “Invisible Hand or Visible Fist?”
Duccio BASOSI (Ca’ Foscari University) “From Reconstruction to Uneasy Partnership: Japan-US Economic Relations"

15.20-15.40: Coffee break

15.40-17.00: The Memory of Occupation in Japan and in the U.S.
Chair: Michael MOLASKY (Hitotsubashi University)
Marcello FLORES (University of Siena) “Occupier, Occupied: The Double Reality of Japanese Identity after World War II”
Alan NADEL (University of Kentucky) "The Americanization of Difference in the 1950s: Sayonara and Teahouse of the August Moon"
Rosa CAROLI (Ca’ Foscari University) “Cleavages of Memory in Japan: The Occupation”

Eugenio DE ANGELIS (Ca’ Foscari University) “Quoting the Past: Setouchi shonen yakyu dan”
Special Screening: Setouchi shonen yakyu dan (MacArthur’s Children, 1984) directed by Shinoda Masahiro”

19.30: Closing remarks